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What gives value to Crypto?

Blockchain is a technology. And to use this technology, you need to pay fees. The more the number of users, higher will be the fees because of competition. More the adoption of the technology, higher will be its value. In addition to this, having limited availability results in higher prices.

How much to invest?

Veterans recommend that a low risk apetite individual should invest 5% or less than their compelte portfolio in Crypto. So, if your total investment is 1 lakh, you should invest 5 thousand in Crypto. High risk apetite individual can invest as per their risk reward expectations.

Bitcoin 10-Year Return

YearReturn (%)
20111,473 %
2012186 %
20135,507 %
2014-58 %
201535 %
2016125 %
20171,331 %
2018-73 %
201995 %
2020301 %
202190 %

Can Government ban crypto?

No! According to the Supreme Court, adoption of new technology is a right, and the Government cannot impose a blanket ban on it. RBI & the Government is in process of regulating the space for safe and smart implementation of this new space.

How to do Fundamental Analysis?

Since blockcahin is a project, one should analyze whether the project will grow or not. Here is a great article by investopedia to help you learn more.




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