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Contribute and Earn

Help in smarter investment decisions with your analysis, news, ideas & updates

Contribute and Earn

Help in smarter investment decisions with your analysis, news, ideas & updates


How will I Earn?

You receive tokens for every coin analysis, views on news, event updates and new project identified. You are also rewarded for warning about shillings and scams. Get started by sharing information and exchange the tokens for cash rewards.
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  • What are the eligible contents?
    We expect quality, scam free and genuine content that should help active crypto investors in decision making.
  • Are there specific format for the content?
    You can share content in images, graphics, charts, articles and YouTube videos. We have defined 'must have' components to set quality standards. Your relationship manager will share more details during your onboarding.
  • What is the maximum I can earn?
    We are here to help you monetize your content. Major share of the Ad revenue from the platform will be distributed among the Crypto circle. Invite users to grow impressions. As the advertisement revenue increases, the amount you earn for each token increases. So, virtually there is no cap on how much you can earn. Share more and earn more.
  • How will I get paid?
    Your earnings will be credited to your bank account on 15th and 30th of every month.
  • Apart from monetization will PixiuAI help me?
    Absolutely, now you are a part of PixiuAI tribe. You Grow - We Grow. We will support and assist you throughout your journey.
  • How to Earn more with your Community?

    Sell courses: A good course in crypto currency and personal finance is hard to find. Now create your own courses and sell it directly on PixiuAI.

    Promote and earn: Now you can run Ads on your profile and in your content. Earn through referral ads, affiliate links, or partner up with other business and promote them on your profile.

    Run subscription Spaces: Have premium content to share? Create a paid only Space of your subscribers.

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